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Continuing your journey through Faire Island

When the winds of March are wakening
The crocuses and crickets,
Did you ever find a fairy near
Some budding little thickets,
A-straightening her golden wings and
combing out her hair? She's there!
And when she sees you creeping up
To get a closer peek
She tumbles through the daffodils,
A-playing hide and seek,
And creeps into the tulips till
You can't find where she's hid?
Mine did!
Have you ever, ever come across
A little toadstool elf
A-reading by a firefly lamp
And laughing to himself,
Or a saucy fairy queen upon
Her favorite dragonfly?
So've I!
It's fun to see a fairy flutter
Off a catkin boat,
And wrap her fairy baby in
A pussy willow coat;
Oh, don't you love the fairies
And their fairy babies, too? I do
(auther unknown)

Fairy Tales
Once, a long time ago, two little fairy children
sat down and decided that they loved the
butterflies so much, that they would build
them a beautiful garden.

Gathering all the butterflies together the children told
them of the beautiful garden they would
create just for them . There would be
many scented flowers and summer
would be endless.

Finally, after many days the garden was ready.
And the Fairies called: "Come butterflies,
your new home is ready for you."

The butterflies were so happy and grateful
to the fairy children for all their work,
that they invited them to live
in the beautiful garden with them.

And so they did! And the fairies
grew up in the garden and played
with the butterflies forever.