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Don't be afraid to show your Fairy side!
 Spread your wings and fly free!

 Fairies  sprinkling there Faire Dust every where they go ***
 come fly with Us & have a Faire Fun time

Fleeting glimpses hard to find,
Imagined wonders of lovely kind.
In night times waking in pleasant dreams,
In the moon's gossamer, silver beams.
Fairies dance the night away,
Gone at dawn, in flight of day.
(author unknown)



A little fairy comes at night,
Her eyes are blue, her hair is brown,
With silver spots upon her wings,
And from the moon she flutters down.
She has a little silver wand,
And when a good child goes to bed,
She waves her hand from right to left,
 And makes a circle round its head.
And then it dreams of pleasant things,
 Of fountains filled with fairy fish,
And trees that bear delicious fruit,
And bow their branches at a wish



Thanks for the tinkerbells Mikala
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